10 thoughts why using twitter is highly beneficial

by Gert Mellak on September 8, 2009

Some time ago, I briefly explained the concept of twitter, the biggest, meanwhile pretty well-known microblogging service. Although I had my doubts at the beginning, I’m absolutely sure that spending some time every day using twitter greatly pays off on the long run. In the following post I’d like to briefly talk about 10 reasons why you should really get going and tweet regularly:

1. Get known online

No matter whether your main target audience currently comes from fields not related to the internet, in the future it will be more and more important for business people and their companies to be known on the web. While at the moment corporate blogs are still something hardly seen, in the future having a blog won’t be anything that especially attracts your potential clients. Twitter is a great way to gradually get known on the web, increase the amount of followers you have publishing useful content frequently.

2. Find people who share the same interests

In order to use the web’s full potential it’s crucial to find people sharing your interests. It’s only via communication among people sharing the same interests how you can get the word out and have others recommending your blog, twitter account or website and … ultimately, your business.

3. Strengthen your brand

Try to strenghen your brand wherever possible. If you’re a cook, tweet useful and intelligent content about cooking. If you’re running a woodshop, tweet about furniture and timber joints. If you’re a software developer, tweet relevant content for other software developers and people interested in your profession.

When briefly looking at your 10 recent tweets,
everybody should immediately know what your brand is all about!

Have a look at my twitter page – I guess it’s difficult not to notice what’s my profession … ;-)

4. Interact with your target audience

The internet is a place of interaction - maybe it appeared to be something rather static 10-15 years ago, but today the web can hardly get more dynamic. The web is a place where you have the unique opportunity to talk to your target audience on an easy and informal basis. Follow users among your target audience on twitter, and get tons of users following you – you will be surprised how easy it gets to contact with your audience and exchange highly useful information.

5. Share your thoughts

You have tons of ideas but nobody listens? Use twitter to share your thoughts with people interested in similar subjects as you are and discuss your ideas with them. Your followers will generously tell you whether your idea has real potential or whether you’d better think it alll over again.

6. Ask for help

In a situation where you really need an expert’s advice, have a look at your followers list and contact some of your followers directly via twitter or send a general tweet to all of your followers to see if someone can help you. Twitter users are usually really helpful and provide fellow users with lots of links and information.

7. Create a community

The other day I recommended one of my clients to start using twitter for their e-commerce website in order to create some kind of online community. Using twitter appropriately there is no need to install forums or community software on your servers – just gradually grow your online community using twitter and interacting with your target audience.

8. Promote your stuff

Once you have a decent number of followers on twitter you can promote some of your products, articles, tutorials etc. – just send a quick tweet including a link and if you’re lucky, some of your followers will re-tweet it to their followers, enlarging this way not only your target audience, but also the number of your followers.

9. Make friends … and stay in touch!

Twitter is not for online usage only – there are frequently events where people who know each other from twitter conversations meet in person and sometimes get friends in real life as well. Twitter is also a great way to maintain friendships exchanging thoughts or sending brief “hello, how are you” tweets, just to stay in touch!

10. Give it a try, twitter is free!

Using twitter is absolutely free, so in case you’re not sure whether twitter can really bring some benefits for your business, give it a try!

As you can see there are quite a few reasons why you should start using twitter in case you haven’t done so already … Can you think of any other aspects which speak in favour of twitter? What are you using twitter for?

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Ileane 10.04.09 at 8:23 pm

Hi Gert, I didn’t think that Twitter would catch on this way in the beginning either. Even Biz Stone talked about how people use Twitter in ways that he and his co-founder never imagined (you can check out the talk on Ted.com). I get plenty of traffic on my blog from Twitter, so I’m glad I started tweeting about 3 months ago. Thanks for the post.

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