Gert Mellak

SEO with technical background.
Born in Austria, based in Spain.
Fluent in English, Spanish and German.
19 years of SEO experience.
Always learning.

I’m Gert Mellak

With my growing focus on SEO in the last years, I have been able to help an increasing number of businesses gain organic, qualified and relevant traffic for their website from Google.

I firmly believe that SEO should be part of your marketing mix – no matter if your site gets most traffic and sales via social ads or paid search marketing right now.

Responding to your past, current and future clients’ doubts and questions on Google will have a strong and lasting impact on your brand, while leading to traffic, leads and sales due to multiple organic touch points throughout the buyer’s journey.

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Cups of Coffee

“The combination of web development skills and fluency in 3 languages (EN, DE, ES) enables me to provide high-level SEO consulting for a huge variety of industries and inbound marketing campaigns across the world.”
(Gert Mellak)

Make SEO work.
For you. Your business. Your goals.