ERICA – Stay on top of your SEO

For my SEO consulting clients, I have come to develop the framework ERICA to make sure all SEO efforts have a maximum impact towards the end result of high rankings and huge traffic volumes from search.

The acronym ERICA stands for Evolution, Interlinking, Research, Content and Accountability. Here’s what they mean in practice:

E (evolution of organic traffic over time)

If you get the most traffic (or often highest converting) traffic from search engines, your most important channel is organic. For this reason, 2 things must be constantly monitored:

  • Organic visitors to your site / important landing pages
  • Overall organic visibility

Organic visibility helps to see positive impacts of your SEO efforts in very little time, as it takes into account your rankings even if they don’t bring in traffic yet (e. g. a keyword moving from page 5 to page 3 after some optimizations contributes to increased visibility).

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R (research opportunities and competitors’ moves)

Research is a huge part of SEO – not only for defining content to be written (see “C” of ERICA) and keywords to be used, but also in terms of your competitors – what are they doing well, where do they get their traffic from, what can we learn from them and where are we better, etc.

Researching also means paying attention to the respective markets and intents, as rankings greatly can vary between different countries, cities and search intents.

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I (internal and external link building)

Google, despite all social signals and artificial intelligence, still relies heavily on links as a signal (or vote of confidence), following the simplified premise that important sites will have (earned) links from authoritative sites in their niche, and thus deserve to rank higher.

Link building has greatly evolved over time, but is still one of the key tactics to rank higher. Both external links, but also the often overlooked internal links (from one page within your site to another page) give Google an idea on content relevance and importance.

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C (content plan)

Content must be written with an intent. If a site wants to attract organic visitors, its articles must respond to search queries with a certain volume to really have an impact on the overall traffic. A content plan or content map makes sure the content you have addresses high volume queries and isn’t being published just for the sake of having another post up on the blog.

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A (accountability)

Even site owners who know that they get most of their traffic (and many sales) through Google, very often are so busy they forget about checking their statistics, or they don’t take potential SEO risks seriously enough until they sense a big drop in sales and then search for a reason why that happened.

In order to create a certain sense of accountability, I usually do 1-2 video calls with my SEO consulting clients each month, where we analyze together how the organic traffic is evolving, and determine the next action steps to further attract more organic visitors.

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SEO Consulting 2

If your revenue depends heavily on organic visitors coming to your site, it is crucial to have a professional online marketer with great experience guide you towards the most important next steps on an ongoing basis.

After talking to more and more site owners that have not been taking SEO seriously for too much time, I created a consulting product that pursues, first and foremost, the following aspects:

  • Establishing SEO as an integral part of the current strategy
  • 2 one-hour consulting calls per month (recordable)
  • Accountability plan to assure ongoing progress
  • Ongoing e-mail support between calls for questions and clarifications

Once SEO is established as one of the key elements in your marketing plan, the 2 monthly calls are there to make sure your SEO related work is streamlined and prioritized based on what has the most overall impact.

If you’re interested in hiring me as your external SEO consultant, let’s first get on a free session to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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SEO (search engine optimization) has always been one of my favorite parts of online marketing.

The mere fact that you’re getting your offer in front of people actively searching for what you have, is probably the most “noble” way of marketing your products or services.

My first touch point with SEO was about 18 years ago in New York City, where I saw high paid job ads for SEO managers – in Europe, at that time, hardly anybody knew what SEO stood for, nor saw the true value of getting to the top of Google.

After I moved to Spain in 2009, I created the first Spanish blog dedicated to link building ( which, on from then, has moved to a 6 figure business division that’s still growing today by focussing on “links that make sense” for projects all over the world.

Today, apart from link building, I’m mostly doing consulting work: SEO recoveries, link audits, website audits and SEO / inbound marketing strategies.

If you’d like to know what SEO can do for your site, reach out: [email protected].


After teaching myself how to program at the age of 13, I started to get deeper and deeper into web development and soon online marketing.

Right now, I can look back at 15 years of experience, working with companies of different sizes, from local car repair stores, to small and medium-sized businesses making a few million dollars a year, to international corporations. In all projects I have been able to help in 3 key areas:

1. Overall strategy

Only with a solid, realistic strategy, defined business goals can be achieved. Marketing, and especially online marketing plays a key role in growing any business, reaching your target audience, and converting people who are merely interested in the topic, to happy customers and ambassadors of your brand.

2. Ongoing consulting

A solid strategy represents a good foundation – now, it must be executed. Too many digital projects have failed because the strategy paper was handed over to the company, the CEO, CMO, COO, or owner, and then got lost in the day to day business.

My role as a consultant is making sure that serious progress is made as per the defined strategy, and that key stakeholders within the company, as well as external parties, keep the momentum going and follow the plan.

3. Accountabilit

A good consultant also plays the role of some sort of coach, holding you accountable for your side of the deal, and assuring this way that the set goals do not get out of sight.

If you’re interested and would like to have a quick (free) zoom call on how my consulting services would work in practice for your brand, kindly schedule an appointment right now:

SEO Audit – MAX Package

The SEO Audit “MAX” package consists of the following items:

  1. Site crawl
    Using DeepCrawl, one of the industry’s best reknown crawler, the entire site is being crawled and analyzed. Ideally, DeepCrawl should be linked to both search console and Google Analytics, so that crawled pages can be linked to traffic, and vice versa – pages that receive traffic can be analyzed in terms of internal linking, click depth, etc.

    – General list with priorities of issues to tackle
    – List of sites that are indexable but do not receive traffic
    – List of sites that receive traffic but are not indexable or are isolated
    – AMP issues
    – Duplicate contents
  2. Site speed checks
    The home page and up the 5 main pages in terms of importance / traffic are being checked and analyzed

    – Speed report results and main improvements + direct links to the live tests
  3. Usability checks
    Both desktop and mobile version of the website will be tested to elaborate a usability report for further improvements. Usability is one of Google’s top priorities do determine a site’s rankings.

    – Usability report and screenshots, along with recommended actions
  4. Visual representation of site structure
    The site’s structure will be represented in a graphical way, illustrating internal linking potential and necessary improvements.

    – Graphical illustration of the current site structure and internal page rank flow
  5. Backlink profiling
    All backlinks pointing to the site are being profiled using the industry leader tool Link Research Tools, and a report on their strength is filed with the audit reports.

    On projects with a highly probable link based penalization or manual action, an additional link audit is included in this step to verify the current penalization risk based on the existing links and any disavow file that might have been filed.

    – List of links pointing to the domain, as well as more than 10 metrics of each link for further information on their importance and strength
  6. Action steps
    A list of prioritized actions is being transmitted where the next action steps are being listed.

    – Task list with priorities that can be handed over to a webmaster / developer / content team for evaluation and processing.
  7. Zoom call
    After having submitted the results, a zoom call (1 hour) is being scheduled so that the results can be discussed and any questions can be clarified.
  8. E-mail support
    The SEO Audit comes with 5 days of e-mail support to further clarify any doubts that might come up.


For the SEO Audit MAX, a fee of EUR 1480,- is being charged up-front via paypal, that also comes with a 10% discount on any additional consulting package purchased in the following 12 months.

If you’re interested, please click here to confirm your purchase via your paypal payment.



About me

My name is Gert Mellak. I’m from Austria, but have been living in and working from Madrid (Spain) for more than 10 years.

In a personal, private context:

I’m married to the best wife I could ever imagine, and have two beautiful girls with her.

My free time, I like to spend with my kids, and going on short motorbike trips.

Professionally speaking:

Maybe it’s interesting to you

  • that I started my digital career as a developer, teaching myself how to program at the age of 13 and a few years later got into web development and e-commerce.
  • I got more and more involved in website promotion and online marketing tactics.
  • I’m completely centered into developing and implementing online marketing strategies for companies of all sizes – from the local car repair shop, to small and medium sized companies making a few million dollars, up to international corporations like Regus.
  • first and foremost, I’m an entrepreneur – I have founded a marketing agency, solicom, and have been co-founder of two more companies from unrelated fields.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, kindly send me an e-mail to [email protected] and tell me about your project or brand!