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After teaching myself how to program at the age of 13, I started to get deeper and deeper into web development and soon online marketing.

Right now, I can look back at 15 years of experience, working with companies of different sizes, from local car repair stores, to small and medium-sized businesses making a few million dollars a year, to international corporations. In all projects I have been able to help in 3 key areas:

1. Overall strategy

Only with a solid, realistic strategy, defined business goals can be achieved. Marketing, and especially online marketing plays a key role in growing any business, reaching your target audience, and converting people who are merely interested in the topic, to happy customers and ambassadors of your brand.

2. Ongoing consulting

A solid strategy represents a good foundation – now, it must be executed. Too many digital projects have failed because the strategy paper was handed over to the company, the CEO, CMO, COO, or owner, and then got lost in the day to day business.

My role as a consultant is making sure that serious progress is made as per the defined strategy, and that key stakeholders within the company, as well as external parties, keep the momentum going and follow the plan.

3. Accountabilit

A good consultant also plays the role of some sort of coach, holding you accountable for your side of the deal, and assuring this way that the set goals do not get out of sight.

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