Helping Regus with multinational SEO

Gert helped REGUS with SEO to best rankings in 3 different countries.

Case study

Regus hires Gert Mellak for SEO in 3 countries 

The international office solutions provider REGUS was looking to expand their SEO strategies in multiple countries to attract more organic leads from Google search.

In addition to an in-depth analysis of the SEO situation in the different countries and the corresponding 3 different languages needed to be executed, differentiating strategies and tactics in every single country.

In addition to an extensive research in the markets Spain, Portugal and Italy, it was clear that active link building efforts needed to be part of the mix. 

In addition, specifically designed landing pages to answer local-intent search queries helped to respond to users’ search request in the best possible way.

After 14 months of intense work and constant collaboration with Regus’ head SEO team, Gert and his team managed to gain with Spain the best SEO results of Europe.

After searching for a reputable SEO partner to work with Regus in Europe I came across Solicom & Gert of which I would highly recommend as a great business leader/SEO/e-commerce/online marketing expert. Gert has become one of Regus’s main link partners. Working with Gert on a monthly basis has been both a pleasure and rewarding for myself & Regus – I would highly recommend Gert/Solicom to any company looking for SEO or online marketing. An absolute expert in his field and a real pleasure to work with.
(Benjamin Bicker, Head SEO Regus)

“The challenge with this project in particular was to find a way to act locally within each target market, while supporting Regus’ general global SEO strategy.” (Gert Mellak)