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We make sure your website is prepared for top rankings, analyzing
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Site crawl

We use the best 3 tools on the market to crawl, scan and analyze and evaluate your entire site structure.

Content audit

Every single piece of content gets analyzed in terms of its quality, current traffic, rankings and optimization potential.

Keywords + Entities

A thorough keywords and entity research is an important part of each audit, taking into account any Google Ads data you might be able to facilitate.

Content structure

In the audit’s context, your current site structure gets mapped out to discover current link juice flow and possible improvements.

Competitive analysis

Our audits analyze your main 3 competitors including their content and backlink strategies.



Long loading times are a serious obstacle if you want to rank high. Our audits measure your site’s performance, response and loading times, and suggest improvements for your tech team.

A good on-site foundation and strategy, together with ongoing consulting, leads to incremental improvements and more and more organic traffic, leads and sales


If your site has bad usability, it’s not going to rank very high. Our team tests your site with different devices to discover possible usability issues and possible  browser incompatibilities.

Mobile first

Users mus tbe able to navigate seemlessly through your website on their mobile device. This is why our audits evaluate your mobile version with special attention to every detail in terms of content presentation and user interface.


Action items

Every single one of our site audits comes with a list of prioritized action items, as well as a video where we explain every section of the audit to clarify the most important doubts that might arise. 


Technical support

Our team is happy to help your webmaster or marketing department to work on the improvements. For this reason, we provide you with access to a dedicated slack channel to ask any questions directly via instant messaging.


In order to see improvements as soon as possible, our team executes recrawls every week after the site audit during a period of 1 month. This way, technical improvements can be discovered quickly, and any new issues get spotted right away.

Ongoing consulting

In case you need ongoing SEO support or consulting after the audit, we will be happy to create a custom package adapted to your needs.

Website traffic recovery after being hit by Google’s June 2019 Core update. A Deep Dive Audit (DDA) was being executed and discovered a series of potential directly on the site, structure, content-wise and in terms of usability and performance.

Improvements led to a full recovery within weeks!

With DDA (deep dive audit) you get the entire picture of your site's current situation and will know what to focus on next to increase your organic traffic and sales.

Gert Mellak, CEO

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Let’s dive into your website!

Get your full-featured deep dive site audit report
with detailed directions for your content team,
and step by step instructions every web developer can implement!

Video Audit – Quick Dive

49 €

In order to help more sites get better rankings, I’m offering a personal,
15 minute “quick dive” video audit on your site’s SEO, including a crawl of the 100 most important pages and at least 10 actionable tips on how to improve your site.

The professional tools used in this audit amount to > 600 EUR / month.

Deep Dive Audit (DDA)

1500-4000 €

With Deep Dive Audits we apply a series of the best professional SEO tools professional valued in > 2.000 EUR / month, including machine learning tools for both technical aspects, as well as internal and external link auditing.

DDA gives you both, an executive overview of the current status, as well as detailed technical information down to the respective URL and elements for your tech team: traffic, competitors’ strategies, keywords, entities, content maps, content structures and internal / external link building tactics to improve your rankings.

Get all the details and a blueprint to impact your organic traffic now!

Frequent questions about our SEO audits

Can I ask you for audits on multiple sites?

Yes, you’d just need to make an individual purchase for each one, as there’s only one for your website’s domain in the checkout process.

Do I have to own the domain?

No, we sometimes get asked for audits on competitors, or from other SEOs who would like to get a second opinion on a client’s website.

Do you work all kinds of sites?

Yes, except for adult / gambling related sites which usually require industry specific SEO knowledge we don’t have.

What languages can you work with?

We work with projects in English, German and Spanish both, on the quick dive audits and the Deep Dive Audits as well.

Who is going to do the audit?

While we’re growing pretty fast, right now all audits are done by Gert Mellak.

We also do SEO, why should we hire you?

I highly respect other SEOs opinions and experience, and know that other colleagues respect mine. Very often it comes in handy to get an additional point of view on where to further improve a site’s rankings.