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SEO (search engine optimization) has always been one of my favorite parts of online marketing.

The mere fact that you’re getting your offer in front of people actively searching for what you have, is probably the most “noble” way of marketing your products or services.

My first touch point with SEO was about 18 years ago in New York City, where I saw high paid job ads for SEO managers – in Europe, at that time, hardly anybody knew what SEO stood for, nor saw the true value of getting to the top of Google.

After I moved to Spain in 2009, I created the first Spanish blog dedicated to link building (linkbuilder.es) which, on from then, has moved to a 6 figure business division that’s still growing today by focussing on “links that make sense” for projects all over the world.

Today, apart from link building, I’m mostly doing consulting work: SEO recoveries, link audits, website audits and SEO / inbound marketing strategies.

If you’d like to know what SEO can do for your site, reach out: [email protected].