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Gert Mellak
SEO consultant

get more potential buyers from Google
by optimizing your site’s SEO,
even if traffic has stagnated!


SEO Consulting

As an external consultant mainly focussing on SEO, I make sure that this traffic channel is constantly being taken care of in the right, strategic way for your business.

Website Audits

Applying more than 10, partly machine learning assisted tools, I can accurately analyze your current site’s status and suggest an easy to follow action plan to improve your SEO.


Entities and content maps

My keyword research goes way beyond finding the right words; rather we focus on entities, their relationships, and how they might tie into an entire content map for your website.

years in SEO

seo projects

site audits done

cups of coffee (or more)

Make Your organic traffic a Priority!

I certainly will.

Get your SEO in order!

Many sites depend heavily on organic traffic from Google, but at the same time neglect the ongoing work good rankings require. 

I help you to get your site SEO ready and make sure SEO supports your business goals.

Continuing improvements

On a monthly basis, via e-mail support and video calls, I’m able to keep you or your marketing department on track to constantly grow your organic traffic the right way, considering engagement and conversions.

Discover untapped potential

Our machine learning assisted research discovers yet untapped potential to drive more engaged users at the right time to your site.

Make sure your website is prepared to rank well in Google, and complies to industry standards of performance, usability and content structure.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Gert is an outstanding online marketing professional. We were reluctant to get anyone to help us with our SEO and site layout, but decided to work with Gert based on a referral. He far exceeded our expectations, got back to us much quicker than we thought he would, and provided lots of detail and suggestions about our business that we didn't know about. We were really impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough he was. Thanks to Gert, our business has improved significantly. I recommend him for anyone who needs help with their SEO, content strategy, and site layout.

Joseph N. Gerocs, CEO @ 90daykorean.com

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In case you haven't heard about it, on Oct. 25th Google announced to have included the BERT in their search engine, which will help the search engine to better understand natural language, and be affecting right from the start 10% of search queries, and which they...

Deserve your rankings or die on page 2

Deserve your rankings or die on page 2

Very often I get asked one of the most common clients' questions about SEO: Why does my page on the URL X not rank on page 1 in Google despite all the links that have been built towards the URL to improve its rankings. Because you get what you deserve. In order to be...

Trust building for better rankings

Trust building for better rankings

Google has been tackling thousands of issues since it was first launched back in Sept. 1997. Since then, they have been working eagerly on improving their service (and, as we know, pushing their paid services) in a huge variety of ways. One issue has been an ongoing...